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Easter, Passover, Day, Night, Spring, Dirt, Resurrection, Light, Love, Holy, Hallowed, Hole created tonight to place hungry roots of spring herbs.  If you are a follower of the fisher of men, happy fishing day.  If you are a mourner of the fissures of men, thank you for the pain that heals.  Whatever you believe or follow, here’s to each piece that we pull down of heaven to earth.  Take a taste, and pass it around.

3 responses to “Happy….

  1. Ralph ⋅

    Some time back there was a thread on tipping. This post, and a few text messages from a waitress I know may be of interest. The restaurant was grilling a lamb for Greek Easter. I asked if she had tried it, and the reply was ‘Yea right whatever is left over’. This morning I got another text. Grilling the lamb had set off the kitchen’s sprinklers literally putting a damper on the meal. I told her to tell the owners that the sprinklers were the Greek god’s revenge for not sharing. I don’t think she’ll tell them 🙂

    Not all restaurants provide meals for workers. Sometimes workers can only select from a couple things on the menu, and sometimes they are charged a small amount. If anyone goes to a restaurant and receives good service leave a reasonable tip.

    • Revel

      I completely agree! On another topic (don’t remember if it was here or Revel Mama —, there was a convo going about whether it’s okay to take magazines from your doctor’s office. I continue to get mixed feedback on this. One podiatrist I spoke to said he collects the magazines in his office as they get dated, and donates them to nursing homes. He said that it’s super frustrating when the best magazines are missing from this lot. He also told me about a rather elaborate sting operation (his words) he set up to catch a routine offender. I can only imagine her surprise when he stopped her as she was leaving and asked her to empty her purse. So, that’s one end of the spectrum. The other is a pharmacy (kind of like a doctor’s office) that regularly has a smaller selection of magazines (usually just two or three somewhat recent ones in a rack by the waiting chair). The wait time is shorter, of course, so I usually find myself fully entrenched in an article by the time I have to leave. Every time the cashier has seen me wrapped up in an article, she just waves her hand telling me to take it. It’s a locally owned and operated place, so I’m sure the vibe is different than if I were at a major chain. Regardless, I appreciate it and try not to take advantage of it.

      I like the Greek gods revenge theory. Right on, right on!

  2. Ralph ⋅

    Some time back in an NRA magazine someone wrote in saying he took his old issues (of the NRA mag) and left them at doctor’s offices and the like to ‘spread the word’. Not a bad idea since mine tend to stack up. Make sure to remove your address from the mag if you do that! If you get caught in a sting, you can show you left rather than took something. We used to have a parts depot at work, unmanned after hours. Parts would ‘disappear’ so eventually they put in cameras. He never did it, but a co-worker was going to get a Santa outfit for Christmas, go to the depot with a bag of gifts and leave a bunch of parts on the floor as a joke.

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