Guess What I Did This Morning?

A favorite writer/chef/mentor/friend of mine is known for saying that “nothing is wasted on the writer.” I think the same can be said of the gardener.

Last year when I saw that my front yard was infested with onions gone wild, I began inquiring whether I was the only one whose yard they’d decided to conquer. Turns out they had taken over much of Brooklyn and reportedly had begun to storm other boroughs as well. I decided to get rid of them. I spent the better part of a week or more trying to rid my front plot of these pesky veggies.

This year, I decided to forego paying neighbor kids for the bunches they could uproot. I would not throw them out (this, to avoid them taking root in the compost). I would take them on, instead, by eating them.

Luckily for me, a friend happened to mention that her acupuncturist just recommended strong onion soup as this season’s cure to her hay fever. Luckily for her, the cure is on its way.