Our Daily Bread

Most of these are my efforts to implement techniques/recipes from bread guru, Peter Reinhart, in his latest tome Artisan Breads Every Day (btw, my preliminary assessment is the title is misleading and would be correct if followed by “For A Master Baker With Excess Time and Patience”). The fancy, shiny bun in the back is courtesy of Baked in Brooklyn, which has recently opened a mega-space on the north side of Greenwood Cemetery, on 5th Ave. (interior pic below).  Baked in Brooklyn (which does not yet appear to have its own website) seems to be owned by Aladdin Bakery.  This is yet to be confirmed (I tried calling to ask but was told that they can’t give out that information, so I’m waiting for a call back from someone who has the authority to make such disclosures).  Also yet to be confirmed is whether there is any connection between Baked in Brooklyn and Baked, based in Red Hook (also Brooklyn).  Preliminarily, it appears not.