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2 responses to “Night Walk in Brooklyn

  1. Ralph ⋅

    Nice! Do you carry a silver coin on you like me? So far I haven’t had any Lycan problems so it must work, and I’ve been outside for a lot of full moons.

  2. Ralph ⋅

    Someone that used to work night shift with me observed that nights are when a lot of things happen. All the day workers who get up in the morning, took a bus, train, or boat to work, picked up a cup of coffee and newspaper before heading into work don’t realize how all that happens. While they were sleeping an army of people picked up the garbage, delivered bagels all over the city while loads of street vendors were boiling their water. Sanitation and newspaper delivery trucks NEVER meet a red light they won’t go through, bakery trucks are a close second runner up, and what can you say about thousands of taxi drivers that hasn’t already be said. And, drivers beware the ever growing number of deliveries being made on electric powered bicycles- not one of which seems to have any safety lights on them. Welcome to working at night in New York City.

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