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201 and 1: Day 2

I’m posting this on my FB page as well as this site; feel free to post it to yours.  The goal is to come up with 201 single-word items that typify this year.  By the end of December, we will have a people/places/things banner poem to wrap around the year and send off into the annals of history.  The game stops when 201 words have arrived.  The “1” part is a surprise that we will get to once we have the first 201 words.  In Comments below, add your word.  Here we go,  … Get your words in!

1.  Illuminati

2.  Zombies

3.  Mathy-apolis

4.  Anonymous

5.  Kardashian

6.  “Really?”

7.   Irene

8.  Scribbling(s)


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  2. Mike Crawford ⋅


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