I’m Gonna Eat My Houseplants!

Yay!  Happy Friday to me!  I just got the good (Googled) news that Begonias are edible.  This, my revel friends, I did not know.  I got them this summer just because they were pretty, seemed sturdy, and added a pop of color to my garden.  Not gonna tell you what I’m going to do with this exciting news, but it’s gonna be yuuuuuuuummmmmmmmy!  thank you, God (& Shannon’s on Ft. Hamilton Pkwy.), for begonias…



and check out this blog, titled Eat the Weeds and other things too…I like!


And you, now that we’re getting close to being home-bound, and you find yourself inspecting house plants and other items, are you encountering any surprise edibility?  Go ahead … gimme the dirt (just don’t make me eat it, I think)….