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Let’s Play 201 and 1

I’m posting this on my FB page as well as this site.  The goal is to come up with 201 single-word items that typify this year.  It can be an idea, occurrence, inspiration, what have you.  One can riff off another (as they certainly did this year).  By the end of December, we will have a people/places/things banner poem to wrap around the year and send off into the annals of history.  The game stops when 201 words have arrived.  The “1” part is a surprise that we will get to once we have the first 201 words.  Please get your friends to play too.  In Comments below, add your word.  (You can add more than one but each should be able to stand alone).  Since I’m kinda in charge here (at least in my own bloggiest imaginings), I’ll start us off with two themes that kept popping up for me (probably since I spent more time online this year than ever before)….  Here we go,  …

1. Illuminati

2. Zombies

6 responses to “Let’s Play 201 and 1

  1. love this
    201 plus 1 equals 2011 or is it 202?
    ok, my word
    mathy-apolis in honor of 0 and 1 not being that far apart

  2. Megan ⋅

    Anonymous (the ones with the masks)

  3. Susan Reiners ⋅


  4. Ralph ⋅



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