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CSA Still in Swing

On the friendliness factor, this was one of the better visits (keeping in mind my expectations are significantly lowered based on previous visits). So the experience of going to get my produce was a pleasant one, overall.  As before, there were no tables for the produce.  The veggies and other goodies were, instead, in crates on the ground.  I don’t mind this.  It makes it easier to see what you’re getting. It’s also lighter, more open, airier.

Per usual, the allotted amounts were a little scrimpy (4 leaves of collard greens? Really?? Just four?).  The variety, however, was peak.  I’ve wondered before if they go out and buy items from other places when they’re running low and, if so, from where.  They had peaches very early, when it just didn’t seem possible to have peaches.  Their flower selections are wrapped and packaged in a way that just doesn’t look like it came straight from the farm (wrapped in cellophane with handles like the often sad-looking hyper-colored bouquets at Church Avenue mini-grocery stores and LES bodegas).  On occasion, there will be a food item or two that simply looks like it was a stray, along for the ride and to round out the selection.  I don’t mind, I guess.  We benefit.  I’d rather like to know, though, where each item is from, and I haven’t always gotten a clear answer when I’ve inquired about some of these (suspected) strays.

As for the goods, we got green beans, slim sweet green peppers (just two but oh well), a bunch of lovely radishes, 1/2 lb. beets (which equaled two smallish beets), one head lettuce, two sweet potatoes, my four collard greens, five apples (that’s generous), six pears (also generoso), a bouquet of flowers and my usual six eggs. Oh, and kohlrabi and one other squash like plant I forget the name of and do not recognize. Close up to follow. For now, here’s my stash ….

mind my expectations are significantly lowered by my previous visits). So the experience of going to get my new produce groceries was a pleasant one. Sometimes folks sry put bo


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