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6 responses to “Saving Seeds

  1. This is a wild, out of the blue question, don’t read too deeply into it, it’s asked in complete honesty. Have you gone Buddhist?

  2. Ralph Tzu

    You’re using the ‘ferment’ method? I’ve just dried the seeds and they grow the next year, but professionals use the ferment method. I am going to try fermenting my seeds this year.

    I finally got my Park seed catalog. It was so long since I requested it that I gave it up for lost. If you haven’t requested one from them you should. There were a couple interesting ‘irrigation’ products. One was a plastic tray of sorts that goes around the base of tomato plants (and probably any other similar sized plant) and has a place for slow release fertilizer and contains a water storage area for a slow watering. There were a couple other related products including a timer to connect a hose to. Check out their website for irrigation stuff:

    • Thanks – I’ll check it out. I have been using the ferment method for the cukes and tomatoes but I’m about to give up on it for the cukes. The handbook that I copied a link to (Vegetable Seed Saving Handbook by Jack Rowe) suggests leaving the cukes on the vine till well past time they’re ripe and then leaving the cukes alone for another twenty days before extracting the seeds. I don’t know that my kitchen can take this without attracting tons of bugs and fruit flies. Maybe it would work in the fridge but the thought of leaving a cuke in my cooler for a full twenty days past its due also skeeves me out What have you been doing?

  3. Ralph Tzu

    Last year I saved some cuke seeds straight from the fruit as I was eating it in my salad. I picked the largest & fullest seeds, then washed off the vinegar and oil before air drying. They grew this year, just very small plants. I doubt my seeds were the reason for small plants since most of what I grew was on the small side. The hardest part of seeds direct from salad is that I always loved eating cuke seeds. Try saving a few big and full seeds from your salad- dry out a few and try putting a few more in a pot or the ground as a test. They should grow, and you’ll have the rest for next year- nothing lost either way.

    I still have a couple seeds left, if I clear out some ground later I’ll give them another try.

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