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CALLING ALL FELLOW REVELERS:  It’s time for the Big BK Seed, Etc., Exchange.  The BBSE will take place in Kensington, Brooklyn, on  SEPT. 17, 2011, 3-6 p.m.  We hope to see a lot of people there – the more participants, the better the seed pool, and of course more revelry for all!  Please RSVP by sending an email to with the following information:

1.  Your Name & Email Address

2.  Your Blog (if any – or FB page, or anything else you want to promote)

3.  Seeds You Have (please specify whether they’re heirloom, how long you’ve had them, if they’re commercial, etc.)

4.  Seeds You Want

5.  Starter Plants You Have (if any, and want to bring)

6.  Starter Plants You Want (if any, and want to take home)

7.  Gardening Books/Mags/Guides You Have (that you are willing to let go of)

8.  Gardening Books/Mags/Guides (or on subjects) You Want

9.  Your Location

10.  RSVP – if you want to participate in person and meet fellow gardeners in Brooklyn, tentative dates: 9/17  in the early afternoon.  This will be a gardenluck – I’m asking everyone to bring at least one dish to pass that has something grown from your garden (be it a backyard, windowsill, or dashboard).  Also calling on anyone with special expertise in any area of gardening (with particular plants, planters, composting, etc.) to give a quick talk on tips to help your fellow revelers.

Meemsnyc at and I are proposing the following labeling so the seeds will have consistent/easy to read labeling – please include ten seeds per packet:

The Big BK Seed, Etc., Exchange

Seed Name: _______________________

Quantity: ______ Date Collected: ______

Source of Seed: ____________________

Seeds from: _(name of gardener here)____

Contact Info: _(email/phone)__________

Blog__(if any)_____________________

2 responses to “THE BIG BK SEED, ETC., EXCHANGE

  1. meemsnyc

    Definitely count me in! I sent you an email.

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