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Go Bananas

Many thanks to Ralph for keeping us posted on the progress of his bananas. He’s been splitting them and growing lots of baby bananas; no fruit yet but they winter well. In the following photo, you can also see a randomly floating cd which is meant to dissuade birds from snacking on his carefully planted seeds. I’m looking forward to trying this, and hoping it may slow down some of those speeding city vehicles that come barreling down my little one way street on a daily basis. Ralph the reveler is looking for a home for some of the baby bananas. Email me at if you’re interested. Here are the beauties…

3 responses to “Go Bananas

  1. Ralph ⋅

    I was away for a few days with nobody to keep an eye on the garden. I gave the ground a good deep watering before I left on Monday. I moved most of the containers from their usual afternoon sunny spot and put them where they would only get some early morning sun- and watered them well. After a couple days, the plants in the ground look weary and thirsty. Even the wild plants looked droopy. A good watering and they should be their normal self in a day, but my strawberries took the neglect pretty hard. The string beans in container showed neglect, but not too bad. The worse was a small clay flower pot with mint. If mint wasn’t so invasive I would be worried for it.

    I gave all the bananas a real good watering before I left and they looked just fine today. I kept those inside out of direct sun which I am sure helped.

    The real small containers I left in a dish full of water and they did fine. I have some calendulas (pot marigolds) outside in a ceramic pot with no drain hole. They don’t seem to like too much heat and I had to relocate them a few times. My strawberries seem to need constant watering. One missed day and they are falling over. Has anyone noticed that certain plants need constant attention? As expected, my cacti didn’t miss a beat. Maybe that’s why I always liked them!

  2. Ralph ⋅

    I finally remembered to check out why my banana plants drip water from their leaves onto the floor. It turns out this is quite normal, but until I found out, I wasn’t sure if I was watering them too much. It is amazing what you can find out on the internet in a few minutes. That just reminds me -AGAIN- that I still haven’t started my garden journal. I think I’ll check out Google real quick and see what turns up. Some things just seem to get pushed off forever. I did collect more basil seeds today, and with the heat gave the garden another watering.

    While outside a neighbor next door (who grows nothing) asked me about the CDs hanging from my trees, and asked if I talked to my plants. I told him I didn’t talk to my plants intentionally, and told him about the CDs for keeping birds away. He replied without a second’s hesitation that maybe he should try it in front of his house to keep birds from pooping on his car. I wonder what else old CDs can be good for? I get a few every month from work which replace the previous month’s. I remember a number of years ago kids would throw their old sneakers so they would hang from overhead wires. I wonder if anyone will ever do the same with CDs?

  3. Ralph ⋅

    Rather than put it off again, I did a quick search on “garden journal template”. A number of items came up, here’s a couple I liked. If anyone don’t like these do the search yourself since there are lots of others out there you may like better:

    I liked this one:

    Click to access gardenjournal.pdf

    Click to access gj_gardencalendar.pdf

    This link has a journal and other items you can print:

    I have to look at these a little closer and may mix and match pages between them. Check a few out and see what you thing.

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