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  1. Ralph ⋅

    Made in New York? Never seen or heard that one before- although I suppose you can say that about our gardens and their produce.

    The newly split banana is doing OK, a little droopy from it’s ordeal yesterday. A couple days inside protected from the elements and it should be along it’s merry way. I just tied up my tomato plants to sticks to keep them off the ground, and watered everything before the heat sets in. Still no worms on the broccoli remains.

    I almost forgot about the CDs hanging from my trees. Does anyone remember, or read about the Voyager spacecraft launched in 1977? It’s finally leaving our solar system headed into the great unknown. On Voyager there is a gold record (the things before CDs) with information about Earth and Human beings in case an alien happens to find the spacecraft. Well, it’s nothing like that. When I first planted seeds this year the birds were having a feast on them. They even ate some small plants in pots- like my most promising Stevia plant. I tried using whatever chicken wire I had to cover the ground, but it was too small to do much good. Finally I just wrapped it around my swiss chard container- apparently robins like swiss chard. I got the idea from the internet of hanging CDs from string to scare the birds. I placed them so the sun would hit a couple most of the day. As they spin in the breeze they randomly reflect light all around the yard. It seems to work as long as the sun is out. I rarely see a bird in the garden any more. Either the CDs work or they just lost interest. Either way, it’s fun to watch the disco lights flashing around the yard.

    • I LOVE THIS! I have so many old cds that I am in the process of sifting through and throwing out. They’re all downloaded onto my ipod, and I really do hate the thought of just trashing them. Here’s a QUESTION for you though: if I tie them on the fence of my front yard to keep the birds away, do you think I’m in danger of flashing sunlight into the eyes of drivers passing by? Who knows, maybe it would slow some of them down on our narrow little one way street. But it could also have them end up on my sidewalk … a consequence that indeed would be unintended.

      Here’s another QUESTION for you: I forgot to stake my tomato plants when I planted them (GREEN THUMB FAIL, I know). If I do it now, doesn’t it run the risk of damaging the roots? I do have a fence around them, and they’ve taken to hanging loosely around those, but I don’t really feel like it’s enough support. What happens if you don’t give them support? Does it affect how much they produce, or just what happens to their produce (like falling to the ground)? I want to stake them but don’t want to hurt them either.

      p.s. pls try to email me a pic of your banana plant: and I’ll post a pic since you’re not able to (don’t know why — will contact wordpress later this week to find out). Also, how are you using what the plant produces? Are you using the leaves? Is there a difference between a banana plant and a banana tree? I didn’t think bananas could grow in this climate. Like I said before, I’m not really a green thumb … but I hope to be someday! (that’s my way of say please excuse if it’s a silly question – I am open, btw, to silly answers!)

  2. Ralph ⋅

    I don’t know what type of fence you have, but the CDs will have to be able to turn in the wind. Hanging from the tree, they can rotate in full circles without hitting anything. I drilled little holes in mine (the techie in me) to hang them from, but using the existing hole should work just fine. So long as the shiny side is pointed horizontal to the ground or slightly down there should be little danger of them flashing high enough to hit cars. Mine flash circles on the ground and along the nearby fence, but not into the air. The sun is high enough to keep that in check. Try one or two and watch where they shine. I hung two from sticks pushed into the soil for some added flashing late in the day. Depending on the type of music on the CDs, you may have a bigger problem of CDs disappearing than your plants or seeds!

    PS- make sure you have another copy of all the music in your iPod on your computer or burnt to DVDs. iPods do go bad (or lost, stolen, &c) and having a backup can save a lot of trouble.

    I staked a couple tomatoes today. I just heard a program on tomatoes which reminded me. It sounds like the main reason to do it is to keep the plant off the ground where it is easier for bugs to get on them. One of mine was running along the ground, then turned upward. I put a stake near to it and gently pulled it up a little to get it off the ground. I loosely tied it to the stick with cord to hold it in place. Since yours is near a fence I would just loosely tie it to the fence. If there is a section of the plant laying on the ground gently lift it and try tying it up, but not with too much force. Leave the cord loose, not tight to where it will do damage. Somewhere I heard thin torn strips of a T-shirt work well. I don’t think leaving the plant loose will effect production, but from what I heard if the leaves or fruit tend to stay wet it will cause disease to the plant. When you water them, don’t spray the leaves. Without any support, the plant will gradually tilt over and hit the ground as the tomatoes grow and weigh it down. Don’t ask how I know.

    Somewhere I read it’s a banana plant, not a tree. I never actually confirmed that but I’ve been calling them plants since. Mine went through the winter indoors just fine behind a glass door facing West for the afternoon sun. Check and search for ‘banana’. The website says zones 9-10 which is pretty warm (think Texas), we’re in zone 6. No bananas from it yet, but I think it’s only 2 years old. I haven’t used the leaves for anything- what can you do with them? Some of those leaves are pretty big. The new ones grow out of the center coiled tight, then grow taller and unfurl. Kind of neat to watch!

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