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Mysterious Plant from Outer Space (RFP on Communal Garden Journal)

Ralph’s comment:

I like that idea.

I’d like to have a communal type of garden journal as an experiment, too, with people from different places commenting on something each day. For example, today I saw a new plant I’ve never seen before.
It looked like it maybe had the consistency of mushroom, but was red with some yellow toward the head.
I have NO IDEA what this is. It looks like it could be evil, especially since I think it was born with some poo on its head. I don’t know whose poo it was.
Pics to come.

QUESTION: what’s the best way to identify a plant of unknown origin (short of tasting it, which I’m not inclined – particularly on this one).

One response to “Mysterious Plant from Outer Space (RFP on Communal Garden Journal)

  1. Ralph ⋅

    Have a happy 4th everyone!
    I have a couple plants I want to ID also. No idea how to do that on the web unless you have some ideas of what it might be. I have 2 of ‘Wildman’s’ books which I’ve used to ID a number of unknowns, but I still have 2 I can’t find. I mentioned it to Wildman during the tour and he said to send him a JPEG of it. If you post a picture maybe I can find it in one of the books.

    Great idea about a communal journal, I’ve never thought about it. There’s one gardening forum I am in but haven’t posted to for a while. Their setup may be something along the lines of what you’re thinking. There are sections on a number of topics, then those are divided down in many cases to individual plants. The forum is geared more toward asking and answering questions, but I suppose a similar structure could be used to make a journal.

    I gave my personal garden journal some thought and decided not to try to find a book to fit my needs, but rather use my computer and print one. I was thinking of one page per week. Somewhere near the top of each page I would put the 7 dates that page covers, and the number of weeks before or after the frost dates to help figure when to start planting indoors. At the back I would put a page for each plant to make any notes about it. Just some initial ideas I came up with, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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