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4 responses to “Nemo’s Rather Pretty

  1. Ralph ⋅

    Nice pictures. I didn’t get to see most of the snowfall. I was headed into work as it started, and drove through it around midnight. By the time I woke up on Saturday my neighbor had cleaned my sidewalk. I thanked him and told him I usually have some gas should he need some for his snow blower. It’s funny how it usually takes something bad to bring people a little closer. Sandy must have still been on a lot of people’s minds. A few gas stations had lines a day BEFORE the snow. To me at least, that was encouraging- people being a little more prepared.

    On Saturday I went into the yard and was greeted by my bamboo bent to the ground. I thought it was ruined, but as I brushed the snow off it the culms began to straighten up. Bamboo is some tough stuff. I can’t wait to see how it grows now that it has some space to spread.

    I haven’t ordered any seeds yet, but I do have a small ‘wish list’. I heard a good saying, I think on the Self Sufficient Homestead podcast “Seed catalogs are crack for gardeners”. I don’t know what it is about those tiny seeds, but they are hard to resist.

  2. Revel

    So hard to resist! I have to only sneak peeks at mine, or I know I’m sunk. Our local gas station had the yellow tape up the first day after the big snow hit. Thing were pretty much back to normal by the next day, except for opposite side parking suspended (which did not bother me a bit — it’s always a race to try to find decent parking those two days of the week).

    I know what you mean about the bad (or at least challenging) bringing out the best in us. I’ve seen neighbors helping neighbors who normally wouldn’t nod a hello. The littlest member of our household (still toddling) informed my next door neighbor yesterday that our snowman had no head. Today, it has just a stump of a body.

    I thought that more snow was predicted for tonight but none so far has come through. My body, however, is telling me the barometric pressure is changing, and more “weather” is in store.

  3. Ralph ⋅

    I probably should pay more attention to the weather than I do. If something ‘big’ is headed our way I listen some, otherwise I just see how it feels and looks outside, and tend to overdress since I don’t like cold. For the last wind/ rain/ snow we got, I heard a podcast about dressing correctly. It reminded me that blue jeans are near useless once wet, as is cotton. I dug out a pair of ski pants I bought some years ago specifically for bad weather. They worked just fine, and although I didn’t do it this time, wearing a pair of blue jeans under those ski pants has kept me nice and warm in the past. About the only part of me exposed was my face which felt like it was being stuck with pins from the wind blown ice. I think I have a solution for that:

    or maybe:

    I really haven’t looked into either as of yet. On the way overdue, I finally got to watch the movie Red Tails you spoke about some time ago. It was a really good movie.

  4. Ralph ⋅

    Although my computer has been busy 24 hours per day for days, I haven’t been online. I have been organizing and making copies of the files on my computer, especially pictures. For anyone that has digital pictures or anything important on their computer it is a very good idea to make one or more copies of anything important onto something external to your computer. I’ve been using external USB hard drives. They are small, fairly cheap, and get their power right off your computer. My personal preference is Western Digital, and most come with software to automate the backup process- I have a few. Also my opinion based on what I have experienced and seen first hand, I avoid Maxtor products based on the number of failures I have seen. Others have used Maxtor with no problem, but I have used Western Digital drives for years with no problem.

    As a final note, whether you use USB ‘thumb drives’, DVDs, or external hard drives as your backup, keep the backup copies away from your computer- the farther the better. Western Digital, and no doubt other makers offer encryption of your information so in the event your backup gets lost or stolen your information is safe from prying eyes.

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