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2 responses to “The Score

  1. Ralph ⋅

    The garden is winding down here too, but there are some things hanging in there. Some small tomatoes, a handful of string beans, the near indestructible mini-strawberries, and herbs. The carrot seeds I planted have started growing but I don’t know how far they’ll get. Leaves are falling off the trees (free compost/ mulch) already. Soon it’ll be time to think about next year. I am thinking of giving my no-luck zucchini and squash another try. This time I will try to use wormwood to keep the little buggers that keep killing the squash at bay. It seemed to work so well with ants it is worth a try. A program I heard mentioned that throwing catnip on the ground also keeps vine borers away. If that attracts any cats in the area it may also help keep birds in check too. For now it’s all mere thoughts, but by next spring who knows …

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