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Two Out of Three Ain’t…Meh

Gardening…it’s not for the feint of heart or ego. Once so proud of my decision to place old metal gates I’d been storing in my basement out back as a permanent feature of the garden and convenient trellis to boot, I failed to consider that it’s ornate swirly design might produce misshapen fruit. In this case, it speared my cuke. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if the haul weren’t so meager to start. These three are the first and so far only production from those vines. Oh well, c’est la vi(n)e!




2 responses to “Two Out of Three Ain’t…Meh

  1. Ralph ⋅

    Too bad about the cukes. A couple of my string beans that grew inside the container hit the dirt and then twisted into a curl. I guess they’ll do whatever it takes for them to keep growing. My one and only cucumber to survive so far formed something of a ball with a point at the end. It got to about the size of a golf ball and seems to have stopped growing weeks ago. It seems gardens always have some surprise in store, sometime good, sometime not.

  2. Ralph ⋅

    Except for one cucumber which grew into a ball like shape, mine all started to grow. Once they hit about a half inch or so they just died. These were all from saved seeds, so for next year I will buy some heirloom seeds and try again.

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