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3 responses to “Yay, Autumn!

  1. Ralph ⋅

    Wow, looks great.
    I really haven’t put much thought into what I want to plant next year. I recently received an email from which had a link to a 30 day free trial to their garden planning software.
    Not knowing what I am going to plant yet I didn’t activate the trial, but there may be others out there who are further along. Their software looks pretty good, so you may want to check it out.
    On the subject of what to plant next year, has anyone come up with a list yet?
    Aside from the usual container herbs, and the general guide of less varieties I know I want to plant 2 or 3 times the amount of string/ green beans next year. For the few plants I had this season they produced pretty well. My little strawberries produced a fairly steady supply of bite sized fruit despite being crammed into one container, so I’ll probably give them more room next year, maybe try a few in the ground. The last definite thing on my list is the carrot seeds I got from Seed Savers Exchange. I never tried carrots before. Those will go in a container because of my rock and clay soil.
    I’ve already marked off more planting area which will give me about 25% more space for next year. If anyone has anything that grew well this year post it. With the weather changing I think we’ll have to adapt by growing different things in years to come.

    • Revel

      I agree with that thought – we’ll have to adapt by changing what we decide to grow. I know that I am going to stick with a few things that produced well, including the various heirloom tomatoes (which I’m finding, too, are just so much fun and is as much a hobby as it is practical, with avid hobbyists with whom to share the experience), jalapeno peppers (although I am going to keep them much farther apart from the cayenne and other peppers than before because even now I’m seeing some crossing that I didn’t expect). I think I’ll apply some of the same general principles, including that I don’t plant anything that is cheaper to buy at the store if it requires significant work in the garden. Things like potatoes and onions I haven’t bothered with in the past for this reason. I plan to start a little earlier next year; I’m regularly guilty of procrastinating and not starting seedlings inside. Next year, I’m definitely going to get a jump on things and hope to have a better, earlier production than this year. (I wasn’t really eating anything from the garden until very late July/early August). Of course I will keep my regular medley of herbs, which are great because you can dry them and use them year round. For aesthetic purposes, I’m going to have more flowers out front than this year, and because they didn’t give me anything but squash blossoms, I’m definitely scrapping the pumpkins. I ended up pulling up some carrots. I’ll post them momentarily, along with the packet of seeds they came from.

      Thanks for the tip on the software – I’m going to check it out. Do you have a format for your journal yet?

  2. Ralph ⋅

    I’ve pretty much given up on squash, pumpkin, and zucchini. Although I keep hearing they are so easy to grow I just don’t seem to have any luck. Like Dirty Harry said, ‘you have to know your limitations’.

    I almost forgot about the tomato seeds I got at the seed swap. I will set aside some space for those, probably put the miniatures in a container. Have you had any issues with cross pollination and tomatoes? I’ve never had more than two types growing at the same time, one was a miniature, no idea what the full sized ones were. I am looking forward to planting those heirlooms.

    Ahhh, the journal. Although I keep certain things very well documented I just don’t seem to have the same enthusiasm with the garden journal. I know it’s a good idea and it would be helpful. I have made some notes in it, but I am not sure why I don’t keep up with it. Maybe because I downloaded it rather than made one, like some people say about buying a plant rather than starting it from a seed. Also, my interests vary with time. Whatever has my attention at the moment gets a great deal of time while other interests get less attention. While it was growing I was in the yard a couple times a day. Now I just run out to grab a few herbs for salad. Other things I know have to be done soon, like mowing everything down now that most of the leaves have fallen. Along with that is leveling the ground including the new section which is higher than the rest. No real need to write about that (?). I pretty much know what I am going to do with drip irrigation, but I may as well wait until I am ready to plant again before going forward with that. I have an order list put together along with how to run the tubing, so all that’s left is ordering the materials.

    I am going to be adding some flowers to next year’s grow list too, something I haven’t done yet. Calendula and amaranth which I still have seeds for, along with some marigolds are on the list. I still haven’t checked out the rare heirloom seeds from Seed Savers Exchange, I believe their catalog should be out by December. I am looking forward to that! I am toying with the idea of tobacco. I don’t smoke, but apparently it can be used to make a natural bug spray. I am also going to give stevia one more try. I would have had some this year but I accidently let the sun kill it. Lots of ideas and plans, maybe I should start to write them down!

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