Patience is an Amalgam

These words came to me tonight.  The sound of them came, and the meaning is still flittering its way in.  I think it has to do with the expression and experience of patience coming in many forms, and that some combination and piecing together of them is what makes patience happen and work.  Patience is a tool as crucial as hands to the gardener.  I am piecing mine together.  In time, in time.

Please don’t mind my absence/break.  I have been busy with the garden (lots of tomatoes, a bunch of herbs, and a few random plants – peppers, cukes, eggplant, etc.) as well as work and other things.  I considered posting a sign stating “OUT TENDING GARDEN,” but then I realized it might be quicker and easier to pop back in just and only when I was ready.  Please know that I enjoy your comments and am happy to hear your news, even if I don’t get back right away.  It encourages me, and I learn so much from them.  Please keep them coming.

I hope you all are having beautiful and bountiful gardening days.  Please let me know what’s growing your way.  Go ahead … gimme the dirt.