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Hey Discovery Channel: AIR OUR MELTING PLANET!

Discovery Channel Doesn’t Want to Air Our Melting Planet: Sign the Petition to See the Horror Show

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Why This Is Important

The Discovery Channel has chosen not to air the full final episode of the much anticipated Frozen Planet series, written and produced by the same folks that brought us Blue Planet and Planet Earth, two staggeringly beautiful documentary series on the marvel that is our planet. The subject of the final series is global warming and climate change, and reflects on some effects of human impact on the natural world.

My friend David Baillie of WildCat Films, who worked as a cameraman on Frozen Planet, told me: “Over a 5 year period, I made 5 trips to Antarctica and one to the Arctic. In every location we saw and filmed clear evidence of retreating glaciers, disappearing permanent ice sheets and atypical weather patterns. We also had the privilege of working alongside scientists who now have years of incontrovertible evidence of a growing and catastrophic warming at both poles. Many of these scientists were funded by the US National Science Foundation so it seems perverse that Discovery is effectively censoring scientific research funded by the U.S. taxpayer.”

Discovery Channel prides itself on revealing the mysteries and unseen worlds of our planet. The Climate Change episode has the potential to move a lot of people, from one of the leading nations in global emissions, towards greater stewardship of this precious earth. This move acts in defiance of Discovery Channel’s original aims, which was to inspire the public about the world around them. The American public has a right to be inspired.

Please air the final episode of the Frozen Planet series.

Why People Are Signing
  • 6 days ago
    2 people like this reason

    You made it, show it. We can take it!

  • about 2 hours ago

    the truth from empirical data regarding climate change should not be censored, rather, highlighted!

  • about 2 hours ago

    We count on Discovery Channel to tell the truth and show the beauty of our wonderful world. People need to know the extent of the troubles we face in order to find solutions. Don’t let your U.S. audience down, please!

  • about 1 hour ago

    Please, let us see ALL the good work that’s been done!

  • about 1 hour ago

    To keep the final episode off the air is wholly dishonest. If you stand by your work you have nothing to fear from critics, and you will advance the debate all around.


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2 responses to “Hey Discovery Channel: AIR OUR MELTING PLANET!

  1. the video koyaaisqatsi by phillip glass touches on global warming in the sublimest of ways. there is no apparent political, human, or earth agenda, but the message is very clear and maybe even more powerful. there are no sides. here’s a sample

  2. Ralph ⋅

    Great video. The approach of not pointing fingers is a great one, and had the climate change movement took that approach rather than polarizing the issue I think we might be a little further ahead addressing the problem. As usual, a serious issue turned into a money making scheme (carbon taxes) whereby money is transferred between countries to pay for emissions rather than take serious action to reduce it. Lucky for the US so much of that manufacturing caused CO2 is being produced for us overseas now days (sarcasm intended). Reading about the not to be showed episode of Melting Planet, before watching the video, I thought that too many people with control/ power do not really want CO2 to be reduced too much. That would mean driving less (reduction of oil profits and fuel tax income), buying less garbage we don’t really need (reduction of manufactured goods demand, and sales taxes), and living a somewhat simpler life (less reliant on manufactured goods and government).

    Regardless of what or who is causing climate change, no harm can come from cutting back emissions and being more responsible when it comes to the environment. Even if man has zero effect on climate, treating the Earth more like our one and only home will be a benefit to all. Keep those oxygen and food producing, CO2 absorbing gardens growing.

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