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almost forgot my point about the tomatoes.  They’re no shrinking violets either.  So I didn’t stir them.  So?  They didn’t care.  Sometimes I think people put steps in directions just to make it seem more involved than it actually is.  All we’re really doing with growing the mold is mimicking what happens when a tomato drops from the vine, rots on the ground and spills out her juice and seeds, except we have the extra step of planting in the spring.  Until then, put on your big kid apron on (or don’t), go get those seeds, plug your nose, and get crackalackin!

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  1. Ralph Tzu

    I haven’t saved any seeds using fermentation yet. Probably the closest I’ve come is some experimenting with sour dough some time ago. Since the desired outcome between the two is similar (without growing mold on top) I would imagine covering the jars, but not air tight would be the way to go. Like natural sour dough, spores from the air get in the mixture and begin multiplying using the flour (or tomato goop) for food. CO2 is produced in the process, so don’t cover the jars tight or they may explode. As I mentioned, I’ve never done this with seeds, but the process is similar. Have you noticed the volume in the jars increasing, or bubbles forming? Keeping the jars in the sink may be a good idea if the level in the jars is increasing. Sour dough can overflow whatever you store it in if you’re not careful.

    Let us know how things work out.

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