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All Green Flying Bug


I have discovered that if you spend long enough and watch closely enough, you will find out what you need to know about your garden.  This morning, I went to check on the peach tree and pluck the hopeless ones from the branches.  After about ten minutes of doing this, I finally spotted an all green flying insect (she’s in the pic above but you can’t really see her).  She was nearly perfectly camouflaged with the unripened peaches.  I don’t know if this is what’s plaguing my tree, but it’s the first possible predator I’ve seen after the ants.  When I went to Shannon’s on Friday (biding my time till the second plane was leaving JFK for N’awlins), I was told that the peaches with the gooey stuff coming out of them definitely have to go.  There will be no eating them.  I wondered whether they would go bad on their own, turning brown and soft, if I didn’t pick them.  I have seen some like that (see pic above of “The Bad”).  Joe at Shannon’s said that it was a sign of a bug who had gotten into the fruit.  If I understand what he said correctly, the gooey stuff is the juice of the flesh seeped out after the bug enters or leaves the fruit.  I doubt it’s the flying green thing which looked like she was happy to just hang outside the fruit and pick at it a little.

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