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A Little Night Gardening

Thanks to my very most awesome neighbor who has generously plied me w/native plants, some discarded, some abandoned, almost all of them looking a little lonely and forlorn, and thanks to my other most very great neighbor who turned on her porch light for a little night soil sifting, I now have a native plant refuge in my front yard. She’s breathing kinda heavy but it’s the good deep rib-roaring sighs that say she’s been sitting one way too long. A recurring message the multiverse ( keeps sending me is that change is the only constant on this earth. Gardening, by extension, is all about that movement. We just keep moving things around in the ground, and see how it all responds. Once it all seems settled, time to do the shift again, and then see what takes. I asked my mulch neighbor when was too late to plant & he said when the ground’s frozen. Taking that to heart, I planted my little native-plant plot by moonlight, with my dog lazily enjoying the night earth nearby. Now the natives aren’t so restless and bereft. They were looking downright snazzy when I left them tonight. Who knows what tomorrow shall bring?

QUESTION: Now that I have my little native plant garden in, are there any suggestions for its care?  I know it should probably fare better than an exotic garden, and feel right at home, but any pointers are welcome (including general gardening tips since I’m also compiling a list of those).  Go ahead … gimme the dirt!

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