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Native Plants: what are they and how do we get (back) there?

Last night I dreamt I was in upstate New York (not my cozy corner of Brooklyn), finishing a term paper for some unknown degree, looked out the window and saw a giant foot stomping down over the middle of the street.  Whatever being that owned the foot was oblivious to us all, and I realized suddenly I had witnessed the Giant.  We’d all heard talk of it, but no one I knew personally had ever witnessed it before.  And, there.  I saw it with my own eyes.  I was surprisingly unafraid (but this was, after all, a dream).  And the dream goes on.  No surprise, then, I spent a few minutes when I awoke thinking maybe I’d been spending too much time in the garden.  Either that or the pamphlets and billboards ruining the surprise which is supposed to be the end come 5/22 have been invading my conscious.  All that mental riffraff was swept away, however, when it suddenly occurred to me I need to plant native plants….and I need to plant them now…and I don’t even know what they are…so I need to know, what are they???  Any answers?  musings?  directions?  suggestions?  links?  dream interpretations?  …go ahead, gimme the dirt.

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