Good Stuff’s Going On

Instead of gorging on hyperconsumptionism this Friday (and helping stores full of foreign manufactured crap increase their sales enough for the first time of the year to get out of the red and into the black, thus the origin of the name “Black Friday”), why not occupy some space and take a stand against excess by participating in Buy Nothing Day (originated by Adbusters, those quirky Canadians behind the Occupy Wall Street protests that took over Zucotti Park in Manhattan and sites across the globe).  Don’t do it for Adbusters but do it for yourself.  In Brooklyn, a potluck is being held at All Souls Bethlehem Chruch in Park Slope.  I’ll be working but I recommend it for anyone who wants to avoid the crowds and the pocketbook drain typical of Black Friday.  Details as follows….



Come to Sustainable Flatbush’s first annual Buy Nothing Day Community Meal!

Buy Nothing Day offers an alternative to the consumerist excess of Black Friday: a chance to unshop, unspend, and unwind. Bring a dish to share, or bring ingredients (Thanksgiving leftovers are great) and join the communal cooking fun! Meet your neighbors and join Sustainable Flatbush as we build a local sharing economy.

The idea is to create a space where people can come together to enjoy a healthy free meal, get to know each other, and exchange ideas on how we as a community can become more engaged in the transformation to a society that is more equal and sustainable. To plug out of the mainstream for a day, abandon the tradition of Black Friday that comes with excessive consumerism, and discuss real alternatives.

Hope to see you there!

Sustainable Flatbush first annual Buy Nothing Day Community Meal! 

Friday November 25th from 6 until 8pm 

All Souls Bethlehem Church

Gee, Dad, that’s great.


“the Greatest Ever”? As in kick your ass great? As in no whammies great? As in big money great? As in Tony the Tiger great? 

As in, Gee Dad that’s great.  Thanks … FOR RUINING MY LIFE! 

(as in it’s great that I don’t have a five-year old to explain this one to — as seen on 7th Ave, Park Slope, today)