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3 responses to “Reducing the Workload

  1. Ralph ⋅

    Probably from years working on computers, when not working I tend to do things when I feel like it. At work now days most things that need to be done are scheduled and have a certain amount of time to be completed. At home I keep schedules to a minimum. When it comes to gardening I actually enjoy being out in the sun for a while. I’ll usually go out a few times and just check things out. A rare sighting of a bee or butterfly, I watch to see if they seem to be attracted to a particular plant. Not taken to excess, I prefer getting my vitamin D the old fashioned way (the sun).

  2. Ralph ⋅

    For a few weeks I’ve been watering my small window sill flower pots by putting them in a dish of water. When they get moist enough I put the pot on a sponge for a while to soak up any excess water before they go back to the window. That has been preventing the water dripping on the sill/ down the wall spills, and the water directly on floor mishaps.
    I got to wondering how fast and how much water a root system can absorb. After some research I found my answer- “It depends”. The closest example to my question was a large maple which can evaporate around 50 gallons per hour, but that’s a far cry from a 4 inch flower pot on my window.
    There was an experiment or two to measure the value which I don’t see myself doing anytime soon. So, should anyone ask, after much research I can say with great certainty “It depends”.

    • Revel

      Just curious what’s in the flower pots? I’ve had mixed luck this year with growing indoor plants. Years ago, I never seemed to have any trouble at all but this year it was a struggle to keep even the spider plants going. My lemon tree did alright but it’s starting to droop and show signs it’s eager to go outdoors. I see that my neighbor set out an indoor plant for some outdoor light but it looks like one that’s easily transportable. My Meyer lemon tree is very heavy and I usually wait till I’m certain it’s okay for it to be outside. Still doesn’t feel like we’re quite “there” yet.

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