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One response to “Take Your Butt Home

  1. Ralph ⋅

    I hate when I see those in front of my house. Some time back I read a study on cig butts and they are extremely toxic. The filters do a pretty good job of concentrating the toxins as smoke goes through them, then they’re tossed to the ground.

    I was, and still am against many of the laws about smoking even though I don’t smoke. I do like being able to walk around without gagging, and occasionally walking into a diner out of state reminds me how bad it used to be. I’ve also seen a good solution- from out of state. A simple sign on the front door saying that it was a ‘smoking’ establishment- and the name of a nearby restaurant that wasn’t. Simple, to the point, and you have the option to enter or go elsewhere. No laws, no regulations- just a common sense approach and your freedom of choice.

    Freedom of choice is something we need to pay attention to. There are too many actively taking that freedom away, little by little and often barely noticed. Once lost, freedoms rarely come back. People risked everything and came to North America to start this country and get their freedom, and millions have died to keep it for us to enjoy. If we stand idly by and let those freedoms be taken away we will probably never see them again, and there aren’t many places left we can run to and start all over again.

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