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One response to “Good Thymes

  1. Ralph ⋅

    This time of the year is always a bit tough. Deciding what to over winter and where to put put everything is a challenge. It’s also stressful on the plants!
    So far the one wormwood plant I brought into work seems to be doing well. Not near any windows and subject to 7×24 fluorescent lighting, it’s been growing pretty well. It’s all green and not the silvery green it should be, but I figure that’s from the light. I usually hang my small flashlight over it for a while to give it some bright light. I ate one small leave and it’s really bitter like it’s supposed to be.
    I’ve been thinking of taking one cactus into work to see what happens. I am not sure how it will adjust from afternoon sun on a window sill to fluorescent lights, or how to get it there without becoming a pin cushion. Those needles have become quite stiff and hurt! Does anyone have a cactus growing in only artificial light? These are Giant Suhaurao I started from seeds, but are tiny compared to the 30+ feet they can grow to.

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