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People Get Ready, There’s A Storm A’Comin’

This from our friend and fellow reveler, Ralph.  He’s right on the money.  If you don’t have plans this weekend (and if you do), and if you’re in our neck of the woods (i.e., right in the path of the oncoming storm/hurricane/who-knows-what), put on your list preparing your house, yourself, your family, your pet, for the possibility of being without power for a spell.  Here’s Ralph’s comment from earlier this week, even more apt now…


Ralph ⋅ 

Last night (Saturday) right around midnight the television and lights went out for about a second, then after maybe another ten seconds there was another ‘blink’. All was OK for as long as I was awake after that. My computer was in the middle of shutting down when the first power interruption hastened the process. I checked around and all was OK, nothing important needed to be reset and of cause the battery clock on the wall couldn’t care less. For me this non-event served as a reminder that ‘stuff happens’. Whether the power came back as it did, or stood off for a day it wouldn’t have been much more than a minor inconvenience, but I couldn’t help but wonder how many people out there would be sitting in the dark. With winter not far away, it would be a good time to make sure you have a good working flashlight or 2 (or 3) around with spare batteries and a working battery operated radio. Some basic suggestions can be found at:

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  1. Ralph ⋅

    Hopefully everyone and their families came through the storm OK. Aside from power issues and fallen trees, my area did not seem to suffer too much damage, but way too many were not as fortunate. If possible and you have the means to safely do so, try to help someone else. It will be some time before everything is restored and all kinds of supplies and repair services will be in short supply for quite some time.

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