Time Away

Hi friends and fellow revelers,

I have been out of the loophole a bit lately (tax time appropriate puns permitted?) due to unanticipated medical stuff.  As much s I hate hospitals, I’m sure glad they exist.  Will be posting again soon, with updates on the wild onion party in my front yard, prepping for spring planting, and the latest from my dirt pile which has now outgrown the compost bin out back and has an outpost in a nearby large container bin.  (Does anyone else hide their scrap pile when the exterminator comes around)?  All that and more soonish.  In the meantime, thanks for all your feedback and comments, and words of encouragement.

QUESTION:  What are you all doing to get ready for spring?  Any upturned dirt yet?  Any seedlings started inside?  How are your indoor plants holding up?  (My banana plants were looking a little ragged a couple weeks ago but seem to be recovering this dry indoor weather slowly.  I’m thinking they are just happier outside, and will perk up when I’m able to get them out there again.)  Go ahead … gimme the dirt!