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  1. Ralph ⋅

    I took a quick look around your link and will have to look into it further. I’ve noticed a number of small internet ‘shops’ with USA made goods. Most make it pretty obvious it’s made here. There seems to be a move toward USA made goods of all kinds. So much production has moved overseas it will take some time for things to change, but you have to start somewhere. One somewhat disturbing thing is that the vast majority of ‘green’ energy saving items come from China. A pair of GE bulbs I recently bought were made in China. I hesitated, but gave in figuring the energy savings made it worth while. These were the latest development, LED lighting. LEDs do have some drawbacks but they use much less power than compact fluorescents and don’t have to warm up to get to full brightness. The size I bought is a replacement for the old fashioned 7 watt night light bulbs. The fluorescent replacements are 4 1/2 watts, the LEDs are one half of one watt! The drawbacks are somewhat less light output, and at least on these the light comes out through the top of the bulb rather than all around. Used for lights left on all night to light the way in the dark they are great. I believe they were 2 on a card for $5 in Target.

    One thing I do want to order is some homemade bars of soap. I’ll have to post the link. These are USA made by small business/ family owners. The soaps are made chemical free using all natural ingredients- essential oils, oatmeal, or old fashion lard soap are a couple types that come to mind.

  2. Revel

    Looking forward to that link. The items on the one I posted are admittedly pricey. Even though it probably isn’t possible to live on strictly USA-made goods without resorting to caveman style life, I still try to get as many things NOT made in China. Our friend at red garden clogs has been making some bath products, like bath bombs and the like. She recently posted about giving these as gifts…

  3. Ralph ⋅

    Here’s one soap link I ran across:

    The podcast where the makers are interviewed can be found at:

    The second site is:

    I think the podcast where the maker is interviewed can be found at:

    Bubbatanical’s site mentions that they will accept AOCS barter coins as payment. AOCS (American Open Currency Standard) barter coins are an alternative to using US currency. Basically they are coins made of pure copper, silver, and gold which ARE NOT legal tender but are used as an alternative to it. Check:

    and: for more info on AOCS.

    The podcasts are a bit old so the special offers mentioned are probably no longer valid. Check the maker’s sites for more up to date info.

  4. meemsnyc

    Thanks for posting this! Awesome! I love supporting local artisans.

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