Shelter from the Storm

A day without so many to-dos would make me a better blogger and plant parent. These babies should’ve been brought in long ago (and the peach tree should’ve been pruned and the tomato stakes taken down and etc. and etc.), but a garden is nothing if not process. It looks like I rescued everyone in time. Now to see if they are peaceful, indoor creatures.

Shortly after I brought in my Myers lemon plant, it got company..,


My parsley was doing beyond great but I had only the option of whacking at it to get the goods since I have neither room nor desire to let it overwinter indoors, and I didn’t want to waste it. A heavily parsleyed Italian wedding soup ended up on my stove tonight.


Finding a home. This is a Thai chile pepper plant and I have 100% no idea how it will fare indoors. It’s new to me this year, one of three. I like heat in my meals but not enough to keep this happily harvested.


All the gang together before going their separate ways. The white on the strawberry plant toward the back is snow, unfortunately, not flowers. The leaves are said to make a nice tea but this bugger gave me no more than one stingy little berry. I’m hoping it will winter indoors ok and then plant it and let it spread in the spring. Spring. Feels soooo far away.


Just “In” Time

The flurries were starting – that famed “wintry mix” we’ve been warned of – when I realized my prized (though by far prize) lemon tree was stuck out on the deck in the cold. Just pulled her in and are hoping she gets shocked into producing some fruit since it’s been quite awhile (6 months or more).