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3 responses to “Someone’s Getting Friskys

  1. Ralph ⋅

    Racoons in the area? In my area I’ve occasionally seen racoons and what I think are possums. I know someone near me who had to bungee cord their pail covers to keep the racoons out. They would knock over the pails so the covers would come off then shred the bag inside looking for food.

    • Revel

      I ended up cutting the thorny branches off the wild roses that grow out back, and placing them over the materials in the compost bin. I didn’t have much faith when I did it but to my surprise, it has so far kept the bins raccoon free!

  2. Ralph ⋅

    Great idea. Once again a completely natural solution to the rescue. By coincidence a recent podcast on was on making and hiding your own seed vault. One hiding place was to bury it behind a rose bush. The ground keeps it cool and the bush has nasty thorns to discourage ‘2 legged rats’.

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