On My Way To Puree

Using Crescent Dragonwagon’s recipe for Potage de Guisantes Barcelona as a special homage to Spanofile partner, I am close to making the sofregit, which is a signature of Spanish cuisine. Looking forward to topping this off with my baby January carrots (though admittedly all else came from outside my garden now that we’re pretty much in the seasonal freeze – though being so has me inspired and hungry for early spring planting). More on that to come!


2011 Paean

From reveler Ralph, who took a list of seed words planted by various fellow revelers and grew this whimsical and wise verse.  Many thanks to you, Ralph.  This made my day, week, month, and, of course, year.

via comment to 201 and 1:

Looking through the collection of words we came up with I couldn’t resist trying to use them all. This is what I came up with.

Of the past year twenty eleven,
Most would agree, it wasn’t like heaven.
Illuminati by day and zombies by night,
To those awakening, it was a real fright.
Back on the hill the Republi-jokes,
Couldn’t agree, with Demo-folks.
To us on the streets it was so frustrating,
The fools on the hill, economy degrading.

For a while the media told us,
Things are OK, the bad news is bogus.
It wasn’t too long as things got expensive,
Jobs were lost, and people got pensive.
Some took to prepping and saving up food,
Starting a garden, they saw it was good.
Others raised bunnies and chickens too,
They used them for food, recycled their pooh.
Climate change ruined many a crop,
One thing to agree upon, boy was it HOT!

Out of the anonymous a small 1%,
Gathered together, a message sent.
Friended and “liked” on Facebook and Twitter,
Solidarity increased, hope seemed to glitter.
The remaining 99% thought it demonifying,
Of Wall Street & Company, the truth was horrifying.
‘Occupy Occupy’ that was their chant,
As for the media, they called it a rant.
Now the park’s empty the 1% gone,
Of police and surveillance, they’re still around.
For a city without money and so much to fix,
Seeing such waste, there’s politicians to nix.
As this poem ends and comes to it’s ultimate,
It’s safe to say, this part is penultimate.

2011 is over and out of the way,
Of 2012, what can we say?
When you turn on the news and hear a Kardashian,
Ask yourself why, then change the station.
If something seems strange don’t just believe,
Ask yourself “Really?”, it may be to deceive.
Write on the blog called Revel Gardener,
With lots of followers, it does impart power.
Power to grow food that is healthy,
Once you have that, you truly are wealthy.
On the blog you won’t be unfriended,
All are welcome, until time unended.
Irene scribbling(s) are here to be found,
Like all else here, the info is sound.
To the poster of ‘mathyapolis’ I take off my hat,
I had to go online, to look up that.
Help keep the hill on the straight and narrow,
Come elections in November, your vote is your arrow.
Don’t give much thought to Dems or Repubs,
They both got us here, time for both to get scrubbed.
Remember your freedoms and hold them so dear,
They’re why we can write dumb poems, and not live in fear.
Remember our soldiers wherever they fight,
It’s because of them, you sleep free tonight.
They give 100% for you and for I,
So don’t be afraid, to let our flag fly.

Have a great 2012!

2012 – The Year of 100%?

Hello fellow revelers, in your words, in the order they arrived, here is 2011…

illuminati zombies mathyapolis anonymous Kardashian – “really?” Irene scribbling(s) HOT! frustrating “Like” followers friended unfriendedRepubli-jokes awakening occupy occupy expensive penultimate bunnies demonifying prepping gardening climate change solidarity 99%

Our game was 201 and 1, in which we were trying to come up with 201 words, and I was going to add one more at the end.  We didn’t come up with that many, which is just as well.  It would have been closer to the Illiad than the flash poem I was going for.  The “and 1” is for one word I wanted to follow the rest, which would be a little gift from 2011 to 2012.  The words you gave to describe 2011 have a bit of a sense of mystery to me, like we’ve all been uncovering a little more of what the world is about.  It is also electric, with most of the words suggesting action of some sort.  Concern for the earth, and how things are changing, is enmeshed in all of it, as is a sense of the importance of our neighbors and how we relate to each other, how we  ‘be’ with each other.  Reading each of these words, the one that to me follows logically for 2012 is….


I am hoping that the momentum of 2011, including the frustrations, anxieties, and actions prompted by them, will lead us on a more unified path in the year ahead.  Unified, of course, does not mean “same.”  I think of it, more, as harmonious, to permit each of us to be more productive on every level.  I believe that we are coming to a place with a more global scope and broader embrace.  The world needs a great big injection of peace, and the war in Iraq ending may be a catalyst for that.  It’s also time to get past the politicking and on to the bigger questions of the day, including how to start really fixing all the wrongs that are metastasizing, including things like global warming/climate change, financial corruption, exclusionary policies and practices, wobbly financial regulations, a political system where money is synonymous with advantage, crumbling infrastructure in the U.S., and a food production system that is killing its citizens.  It will take a breaking down of the walls that separate us, including the one between the 99 and the one percent, to even begin to accomplish any of these goals, all of which are vital to our successful survival.

So adieu to you 2011, and hello to you 2012, the year of 100%.


QUESTION: how about you?  What do you see in store for the year ahead?  What should we be striving for this year?  What’s your word of the year?  Go ahead … gimme the dirt!