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3 responses to “Squash Blossoms

  1. Ralph Tzu

    I’ve just about given up on squash and the like. I will probably give them one more try next year in containers. Some critter seems to keep finding my squash plants (along with pumpkins last year) and killing them. I am guessing vine borers but I never actually hunted them out. I hope somebody makes tiny scare crows with shotguns I can scatter around the garden.

    On a somewhat different topic, here is another website to check out: A few episodes to check out:

    99- processed foods
    10- edible landscapes
    19- indoor plant lighting
    22- saving seeds
    35- homemade pesticide
    36- growing stuff from the grocery store
    55- are you prepared
    79- composting
    100- Thanksgiving & homemade catsup

    The site covers a lot of homestead info, I selected a few garden related episodes to check out. Look through their podcast listings for other shows and topics.

    • Oooh, good! Thanks! I’ve checked out all the others you recommended. There was one I wanted to post about but I’ve lost it — it had to do with the processing of grains for cereal. Do you happen to remember that one? On a separate note, I too do not know that I’ll be doing much more with squash. As you can see, the pumpkin vines really took over the front yard. I saw new ones sprouting up several feet from where I planted any seeds a couple months after I planted the seeds. It’s a mysterious invasive species. I figure it was probably good to condition the soil since, like I said before, I really have not planted anything other than the hostas there before. I’ll be curious to test the soil next spring and see what it’s like. On yet another separate note, are you all set for the Big BK Seed Etc Exchange? If so, please send me a list of the seeds you will be bringing and the number of packets you have available of each (generally ten seeds per packet). Do you still have any of your mini strawberries growing or are those out of season now? Please remember to bring a dish to pass. We’ll be having some of my peach and tomato salsa, as well as a couple dishes I’ll whip up from the CSA shares I’m picking up next Wednesday.

  2. Ralph Tzu

    I had a whole long response typed- then it was gone. I think the grains episode is on episode 99- processed food. If it’s not, let me know. Same site, try episode 125- killing your dog (pet foods are bad). episode 29- survival gardening for beginners episide episode 8- preparing for disasters

    Many podcasts I listen to cover multiple topics so I just select episodes depending on subject. The strawberries are still growing, a couple most days which end up in salad. I’ll have to put some in the fridge so I can accumulate enough to take. I am on call the night of the gathering but it shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll send you an email with my seeds. What are you going to use for envelopes?

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