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2 responses to “West Side Story

  1. Ralph ⋅

    There’s a wide street down the block from me. Last year in the painted divider between the 2 directions of travel they broke up the ground and put a curb. Before long they put in dirt, then plants. I’ve seen a water truck there a couple times so apparently the city has been maintaining it. Before the plants were put in place I thought that the city probably has better uses for their money than some plants in the middle of the street. I still kind of feel that way- except it really does look nice and if they didn’t spend the money on plants they would really waste it on something stupid. These little gardens the city has put up here and there are actually pretty nice if you stop long enough to look at them.

  2. Ralph ⋅

    What types of flowers are the readers out there growing? I’ve almost ignored flowers since I started my renewed interest in the garden. I have a few calendulas (pot marigolds) growing in a small pot, and a handful of neglected bulbs in the ground along one fence which keep coming back year after year. Any ideas on some nice flowers to grow?

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