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Poopy Plant

Here is the mysterious bugger that appeared in my backyard two days ago, half past 9 (at least that's when I spotted it). Today, just as suddenly, he was gone. (I don't know why I'm assuming this one was a he - really I don't. I swear.) I'm not sure if he was placed here by aliens or removed by same, but it sure was a curious site out there, surrounded by nothing but a few flies. Oh, yes, that is poo on its, ah, head. I don't know whose - maybe the critter that released that seed in my yard. I'm aware all this is a bit much information (and if ever there was a time to revive the term "grody," here it is). Notwithstanding, here's my ... QUESTION: what the ???? Anyone ever seen anything like this before? Anyone know where it went?

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  1. Ralph ⋅

    My initial impression before I read anything was it’s a strange mushroom. Reading that it appeared and then vanished in one day still made me think mushroom. In the pot with my large banana plant white mushrooms periodically grow, then crumble. When outside they vanish shortly after the sun has hit them. I’ll see if I can find a match in my books, but without leaves (another thing that makes me think mushroom) I think it’s a long shot finding it. After it vanished did you notice one of your neighbors acting strange? Maybe it was an alien pod.

  2. Ralph ⋅

    I collected a handful of broccoli raab seeds. When I checked the original seed pack I found out they were hybrids, which I ordered on purpose but have since forgotten they were hybrid. It’s not usually good to save hybrid seeds so I just planted them in the ‘dead zone’ of my yard to see what happens. Next time I order seeds I will try to keep to open pollinated or heirloom seeds so I can save them. I’ve collected scallion and basil seeds so far this year. I planted some of the scallion seeds to see if they would grow since I never collected them before. So far almost all have grown which is a good sign.

    Like last year, the couple broccoli plants I have in the ground had their leaves literally chewed down to their veins. I remembered a podcast on insects and checked the undersides of what was left of the broccoli. I found a few of what looked like small green worms. Their color was precisely the color of the leaf so for a quick look you probably wouldn’t notice them. Best I could tell they didn’t eat anything but broccoli. Next planting I will try some in containers. I may try some in the ground and surround them with insect repellers like basil, onions, and marigolds to see if that keeps the little buggers away. If I can keep enough wormwood alive I may give it a try too. Wormwood is supposed to be good at repelling bugs.

    I really should start some sort of garden journal soon. If I had one I may have been able to prevent my broccoli from being destroyed for a second year.

    • Hey Ralph, I don’t know if you saw this but there’s a recent comment from someone else who says they’re giving up on broccoli next year. I’m trying to find out if it’s due to the same challenges you faced. I have had luck with marigolds in the past, as a larger plant protector/decoy. I’m noticing in my front yard that some native plants which I did not plant seem to be taking the insects’ hit thereby protecting the native varietals I did put in the ground. Weed shmeed. Why pull them up when they’re doing so much good hard work.

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