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Just Thinking Bout My Dad

and how when we were little he would lead us in raking leaves, or splitting wood, or some other way he’d show he cared about the earth and everything in it.  thanks Dad.

QUESTION: what memories do you have of you and your pops doing earthy things?

3 responses to “Just Thinking Bout My Dad

  1. dennyj

    I always enjoyed the times that I was working on the cars changing the oil, putting air in the tires, all to keep the vehicles environmentally friendly. And you would ride your little bike up and ask me to do the same to your bike. Once, we did maintenance to your bike, off you’d ride with a big smile on your face. Oh, if only we could go back in time. I loved those fleeting times with you.

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  3. Denny ⋅

    I love you, little Sweetheart. How you make me smile…
    I’m so proud of you!

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